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"Sentimental Espionage Music was [...] a lot of fun, with ingenious scoring and a real brio" - The Arts Desk on Sentimental Espionage Music

'Exquisite [...] beautifully realised', 'Beautiful tremolo, beautiful piece'- Adam Walton, BBC Introducing Wales on Tremolo Study 4



David John Roche’s music is direct, determined, and loud. Strongly influenced by heavy metal, lush orchestral music, and his working-class Welsh background, he has been marked out as a “clear-minded and class-conscious artist” (Culture Matters) and “one of the most energetic, driven, and successful of Wales’s millennial generation of composers” (Tŷ Cerdd). David’s work has been described as “exquisite” (Adam Walton, BBC Introducing Wales), praised for its “ingenious scoring” (The Arts Desk), and complimented for its “passages of intense expressive power” (Thomas Adès). His compositions have been broadcast, televised, and written about internationally to millions of people.


A string of international performances and commissions form the backbone of David’s work: BBC National Orchestra of Wales, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Florence Philharmonic, Zhejiang Symphony Orchestra, Tanglewood Music Center, Psappha Ensemble, and the Solem Quartet, among others.  David has been nominated for an award by the American Academy of Arts and Letters and has been the recipient of an Arts Council England Developing Your Creative Practice Grant and a Lithuanian Arts Council grant. He has just completed an electric guitar concerto for Sean Shibe, Sinfonia Cymru, and Britten Sinfonia, and he is currently finishing his first symphony-length work for orchestra, funded by Aberystwyth University, Tŷ Cerdd, and the Arts Council of Wales.

'Bravely uses unusually specific melodic material in an excitingly direct way, with passages of intense expressive power' - Thomas Adès on Six Prayers



David's music has been published by Edizioni Curzi, d'OZ, London Ukulele Project, UKE Magazine, and Ukulele Modern. The following database is the best way to keep up to date with David's works, their publishers, and where you can access them.

'Bold, exciting, and beautiful' - Sir James Dyson

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